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LiquidFrameworks Hits Outstanding Sales Numbers

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

A clear market leader in field automation.

November 19, 2018 / Houston, TX

LiquidFrameworks announced today that it achieved a 67% first nine-months year-over-year increase.

LiquidFrameworks’ Vice President of Worldwide Sales, David Levitt, is encouraged by the company’s continued progression in the quote-to-cash space for oilfield, industrial and environmental service companies. “We finished the third quarter of 2018 with outstanding sales numbers, paired with increased year-over-year net new customer wins,” Levitt said. “We feel a strong momentum going into the final quarter of the year as we continue to gain traction with service companies in the energy industry.”

LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX solution is a cloud-based mobile field operations software suite designed to manage contracts, quotes, equipment, jobs and field tickets along with customer-specific electronic forms such as safety incidents, inspections and other operational data reports. FieldFX was designed specifically for field personnel, in order to increase usability and, therefore, increase and accelerate the value of the implementations. The FieldFX solution also works both online and offline, which is critical for service companies in oilfield, industrial and environmental industries.

“FieldFX has a material financial impact on our customers and that has helped LiquidFrameworks to continue to be the clear market leader in field automation for these service companies,” Levitt continued.

Trent Derr, President and CEO of LiquidFrameworks said, “I am excited about the momentum these numbers provide as we head into the final quarter of the year.”

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