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DCP Midstream Selects Kahuna To Implement Automated Competency Management Platform

HOUSTON – DCP Midstream, one of the largest natural gas liquids producers and marketers in the U.S, has selected Kahuna Workforce Solutions as their competency management platform to develop and implement a skills program, equipping employees with the expertise to achieve DCP business goals.

With the implementation of Kahuna, DCP now has a completely automated, assurance-focused competency model with an operationalized and structured catalog. This structure ensures each employee is qualified in the skills for their specific role, facilitates the creation of training content tailored to individuals, and enables a flexible, efficient workforce so the right people are placed in the right work.

“We wanted a system that would allow us to support our employees as they navigate a rapidly changing work environment,” said Tamara Bray, Chief Human Resources Officer at DCP Midstream. “Kahuna will act as our single source of truth, integrating with our other systems to tap into the real value of our workforce.”

“DCP solidifies Kahuna as the leader in the midstream market,” said Jai Shah, Kahuna’s Co-Founder and CEO. “It was clear from the beginning that DCP had a thoughtful vision and a way to execute. By implementing Kahuna’s SaaS competency management platform, managers will achieve the DCP 2020 operational goals around risk management, efficiency, and reliability.” 

As an industry leader for almost 90 years, DCP’s utilization of Kahuna’s competency management platform illustrates a commitment to the continued success as a company in the midstream industry, as well as each employee’s success within the company itself.

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