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The 20 Second Tour

We Work For You

Portfolio companies are clients. Money is fungible and the best opportunities generally have many financing alternatives because they are the best.  We are not going to tell you that you need us, but we can be helpful.

Complexity Is Opportunity

Complex operating problems present market opportunities for properly positioned solutions. The failure of many technologies has nothing to do with the technology itself.

Everyone Is Responsible

If things go badly it is everybody's fault; blame lies with both Houston Ventures and company management.  Conversely, it is amazing what can get done if it doesn't matter who gets the credit. 


Stephanie Cummings /Operations Coordinator

Stephanie joined the Houston Ventures team in early 2011 as Administrative Office Manager. Prior to working at Houston Ventures, she served as assistant to several managing directors and held various roles in investor relations at Sanders Morris Harris. Stephanie manages the day-to-day operations of the firm and supports the flow of information to fund investors. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Houston and enjoys spending free time with her pets and traveling with her husband.

Fred Lummis /Junior Partner

Fred joined Houston Ventures full time in 2011. His responsibilities include sourcing, screening, and structuring investments, conducting due diligence, financial modeling, and reporting. Prior to joining Houston Ventures, Fred worked as a commercial banker in Houston, primarily in the middle market Commercial and Industrial space. He is a current board member of NuPhysicia and OspreyData. Fred holds a B.A. in Economics from Trinity University and an M.B.A. from Rice University. He is married and a father to three daughters.

Our experiences help us map the success of your company to the behaviors of large, would-be acquirers.  We have executed a dedicated vertical strategy since 2004, and we continue to observe a level of industry complexity which offers great promise for enterprise software. 

We started as "generalist" software investors and evolved to a vertical strategy in the Energy industry. We have been fortunate to sell portfolio companies to the likes of IBM, AT&T, Siemens and IHS.


Chip Davis /Managing Partner

Chip launched Houston Ventures predecessor funds SMH PEG I in 2004 and SMH PEG II in 2006. He re-branded the firm Houston Ventures with the launch of Fund III in 2011, which was followed by Fund IV in 2017. Earlier in his career, Chip served in the Small Business Audit division of PriceWaterhouse and the Tax Division of Arthur Andersen.  He has over 20 years of experience investing in early-to growth-stage technology businesses, a deep energy industry network, and extensive deal structuring experience. Chip currently sits on the board of directors at Tracts, NuPhysicia, Geoforce and Kahuna Workforce Solutions. He is a graduate of Washington & Lee University and is a C.P.A. in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Chip is a pilot and an avid tennis player.

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