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OspreyData launches Mobile Product to extend the power of its Vision Platform & Flight AI Solutions

PRNewswire — OspreyData, a leader in Artificial Intelligence-based Production Optimization solutions for Oil & Gas producers, proudly announces the launch of the OspreyData Vision platform on all mobile devices. OspreyData Vision’s full Desktop capabilities are now accessible on any smartphone or tablet, regardless of size or operating system. With this release, OspreyData gives all its users a seat at the “Virtual Control Center” – Production Engineers, Artificial Lift Technicians & Lease Operators can access critical operating information and mitigate evolving issues from virtually anywhere.

CTO John Renfroe remarked, “Mobile enablement is a crucial extension of OspreyData Vision that allows our users to monitor the entire field and take action on alerts from any location. This tool truly connects Engineers & Lease Operators and fosters collaboration, mitigation, and control. We will continue to innovate solutions within our Mobile offering as it drives the Digital Oilfield forward.”

Mobile offers key advantages that enhance the value of the OspreyData Vision experience. It reduces Opex & increases safety by delivering OspreyData’s Machine Learning generated alerts to Production teams in real time, enabling Manage by Exception practices that reduce windshield time and inefficient traveling. Teams can readily access all operating data within the Vision Unified Monitoring platform while leveraging OspreyData Flight’s AI-assisted alerts to closely monitor performance from any device and location and be more connected to the field.

CEO Ed Cowsar says, “Under John Renfroe’s leadership, our development team is adding mobile usability to our proven Production Optimization platform that easily scales in the cloud to serve all lift types. It is a key step in our evolution to enable Virtual Control Center processes and collaboration from the mobile device in your pocket. Production Engineers and Lease Operators now make decisions faster from a cell phone or tablet with the full power of the cloud behind them to operate agile oilfields with lower lease operating costs and increased production.”

OspreyData’s powerful Machine Learning identifies ESP and Rod Pump issues early and optimizes gas lift and plunger lift, while ingesting oil well and artificial lift SCADA data feeds across all wells, lift types and lift manufacturers. Oilfield managers, operators, engineers and lift experts now use the full power of cloud with OspreyData Vision and Flight from their phones. OspreyData’s mobile product is a central piece of the company’s vision to provide Management by Exception and Production Optimization capabilities to Oil & Gas producers. The solution delivers operational intelligence and field enablement to producers with minimal cost and without the need for specialized hardware.

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