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What Should VC's Really Care About?

Young tech companies become successful when they are able to convince external forces to agree. Sometimes that external force is a customer; sometimes that force is a strategic buyer. Sometimes agreement results from brute force; sometimes it results from co-operations.

To manufacture external agreement, a young tech company must first find internal agreement and it must have a scalable method for doing so. Many times the conclusion of "we like this management team" is visceral rather than the result of a pointed examination geared toward discovering the competency of "finding agreement"and its scalability. This all leads to an interesting question: "Where should one really start due diligence?"

Evaluating models for creating agreement is not an easy process and generally not a central topic for discussion among investment firms and investment candidates. These types of models are substrate to conventional/easier topics of product, marketing, sales process, etc. It would be remarkably awkward to start due diligence on this subject; BUT, if it is true that "agreement" is the element common to success, then it is sensible to re-order the emphasis of due diligence (not as sexy, but more relevant).

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