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Stanford Children’s Implements Kahuna

Kahuna — Kahuna Workforce Solutions announces the successful implementation of its skills and competency management software for Stanford Medicine Children’s Health across their clinical staff population.

In the continuously changing healthcare environment, manually tracking competence and compliance is tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. Stanford Children’s needed a modern system that enabled them to track, validate, and develop the entire lifecycle of clinical skills competencies across their health system.

“We needed a more agile way of managing and tracking competence and compliance levels. Kahuna enables us to standardize our clinical skills and nurse competency management processes while giving us flexibility in how we assign, assess, and develop our clinical staff in a variety of roles,” Margie Godin, MS, BSN, RN-BC, Informatics Nurse Specialist and Manager, Professional Development.

Kahuna’s fit-for-purpose competency management software allows competencies to be assigned based on specific job roles and units, ensuring health systems can match their competency processes to their specific business needs. With validated skills data, Stanford Children’s is able to decrease the time it takes to onboard and orient clinical staff in their roles, reduce the amount of redundant training, become audit ready, and develop a more consistent quality of care for patients.

“Digitizing our competencies with Kahuna gives clinicians, educators, and leaders across Stanford access to trusted skills data, and makes adapting to patient needs and industry regulations much more efficient and streamlined,” said Godin. “We’re able to track proof of competence as we prepare for regulatory audits and quickly gauge where skill gaps exist and what training needs to occur to remedy these gaps.”

“As the events of the last couple of years have unfolded, we’ve seen just how critical it is for health systems to be agile in their operations and have full visibility into the clinical skills and capabilities of their clinical staff,” said Jai Shah, CEO, and Cofounder of Kahuna Workforce Solutions. “Stanford Children’s is an innovative leader in the healthcare industry and we’re excited to work with them as they modernize their competency management processes to ensure a more consistent standard of care for their patients and a more engaging environment for their nurses.”

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