A Never Ending Industry Problem

The Oil & Gas Industry has long been characterized by huge “boom or bust” cycles during which many fortunes have been made and lost. The industry’s boom or bust personality results in a cost structure that is highly unstable marked by rapid industry expansion and contraction. This instability results in huge economic risks to oil & gas companies who prefer to find oil & gas for the least amount of money.

The Oil & Gas Industry operates in remote locations which complicates its manufacturing process. The most favored oil field service companies earn their reputations based on an ability to address complications quickly and reliably. The cost of superior responsiveness comes at a high price invariably passed on to the operator. As industry activity increases tension in the supply chain is magnified causing material price inflation. Operators are constantly looking for ways to reduce these costs (we want cheap oil).

Key Stats: The Digital Oilfield

Market research published by Upstream Intelligence reflects that 23% of operators have named streamlining lifting costs as a top priority.  …
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And the Software Nominees Are……

We see a fairly high volume of software companies addressing unique challenges of the oil & gas industry. If we …
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What if You Are a Late Bloomer?

Young software companies seeking growth capital typically look at investor track record as a variable to consider when determining funding source …
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Tracts – Why We Made This Investment

Buying and Selling Oil & Gas Properties – When oil & gas properties change hands, a buyer wants to know …
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“Clouds are Forming……” – JPT Reprint

The upstream energy industry has forever constructed itself to “plan for failure.” This mode of operation has implicit to it …
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What Question are You Trying to Answer?

Rise of the Machines – The past two years have revealed a prolific rise in machine learning and artificial intelligence …
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5 Things Young Software Companies Typically Don’t Know

We hear a lot of pitches from young companies with well developed software capable of solving interesting (high dollar) business …
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Darwin’s Theories on Software

We occasionally get our hands on business cases prepared internally by companies wanting to purchase enterprise software products. These documents …
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