The Energy Industry is being eaten by complexity. Environments are developing in which all components must integrate and communicate. At Houston Ventures, we understand the inefficiencies of supply chains in the oil and gas industry.

Growth-Stage Companies

We invest in technology solutions that address
critical operating issues.

We scale solutions to serve the needs of global
oil and gas customers.

Our approach, refined over the past decade,
helps generate sustainable revenue growth while positioning our portfolio companies as attractive
acquisition targets.

Global Strategies

What are the barriers to small companies who
aim to serve large energy customers? The Energy
Industry is not reluctant to adopt new technology;
it is reluctant to partner with companies that don’t
scale with its own operations.



Let's talk

  1. Do you solve an operational problem for Energy Industry?
  2. Do you have a developed product and revenue?
  3. Do you offer a large ROI for your customers?
  4. Do you need at least $2 million?

About Our Approach